Introducing the MRI Application Exchange (MAX)

MAX is now available for all MRI clients!  MAX, which stands for MRI Application Exchange, is the place where people like you can freely download and share customizations (we call them ‘apps’) that have been developed using our ToolKit solutions.

Share Feedback and Share Apps!

MAX is more than a place to simply download apps though. It is a place to share. After you download an app, you can rate it and leave feedback for others. Do you have an app that you wish to share? MAX is designed so that you can contribute your own apps for other users to see and use with their MRI installation.  

Take a Moment and Explore MAX

MAX is available by going to the myMRIPortal and selecting the MAX tab.  Once you are in the exchange, you can browse and download the apps that meet your needs. 

Watch the videos below to view a quick overview of this exciting new offering:

Click the Icon to visit the MRI Client Portal and Access MAX Today